Reports — Anti-Eviction Mapping Project

A Report on Vacation Rentals, 2014. This report investigates the effects of turning homes into vacation rentals in San Francisco. The report includes some original data gathered over the last two years. Read more Rent Control for All, 2020.

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Michael Marr's "Community" — Anti-Eviction Mapping Project

Michael Marr / Community Fund LLC. Michael Marr and his Community Fund LLCs acquired over 1500 homes in the San Francisco Bay Area. He has flipped many of them, earning enormous profits, often holding the loan on the property, while remaining a landlord to hundreds of others. His trial for bid rigging at foreclosure auctions ended in a conviction.

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The Lembi Family — Anti-Eviction Mapping Project

Citiwide Rentals, Inc. 737 Pine DE LLC. 737 Pine B10 DE LLC. 737 Pine B10 Mezz DE LLC. 1155 LLC. Gaylord Hotel LLC. LSL Properties B14 DE LLC. LSL Property Holdings II DE LLC. LSL Property Holdings II Mezz LLC. Nob Hill Tower DE LLC. Nob Hill Tower Mezz DE LLC. Prime Apartment Properties LLC. Prime Apartment Properties B10 DE LLC. Prime

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The Yurovsky Family — Anti-Eviction Mapping Project

THE YUROVSKY FAMILY - 6 formerly rent controlled units on VRBO and AirBNB. On April 23, 2014, City Attorney Dennis Herrera filed two separate lawsuits against short-term rental scofflaws for illegally converting residential apartments into commercial tourist lodging, which the property owners then marketed through such online platforms as Airbnb, and

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Robert Imhoff/ Landmark Realty

More recently, Landmark Realty has gotten into short term rentals and intermediary lease occupancies (ILOS). As of August 2021, it is behind 144 short term rentals listed on Airbnb. Randy Shaw reports, "Imhoff has always been a secretive man. You can find few if any photos that show his identity.

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Peter Iskandar — Anti-Eviction Mapping Project

PETER ISKANDAR Iskandar Ellised a Greenwich Street property now being advertised as a short term rental. Peter Iskandar's “SF Affordable Housing LLC” purchased 531 Greenwich Street by being the successful over-bidder in a probate sale, closing a …

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David Bellings — Anti-Eviction Mapping Project

With over 20 properties of his own in San Francisco, he is known to have converted residential units into short term vacation rentals, including: 15-21 Tuscany Alley, a 4 unit building - every unit in the building was offered as a vacation rental; 525 Filbert St, 6 unit building.

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Evictors (Dirty Dozens) — Anti-Eviction Mapping Project

25-29 Woodward Street Partners, L.P. 76-80 Woodward Street Partners, L.P. Chetcuti and Associates, which specializes in investment services, is located at: 1204 Alpine Rd , Walnut Creek , CA 94596. Phone: (925) 933-6575. FRAUD CHARGES.

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Fergus O'Sullivan — Anti-Eviction Mapping Project

2455 Lombard Street - OMI on Silvia Sotomayor on 2/14/2014 for his brother Paul to move in. He is currently AirBnBing 2455-59 Lombard Street. Current listings for FOS include short term rentals as well: An apartment renting for $8000/month, a vacation rental for $450/night, and a TIC at 2830 22nd street for 1.1 mill ion.

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Antonio Castellucci — Anti-Eviction Mapping Project

ANTONIO CASTELLUCCI. Home Real Estate Investments. 2106 Jackson Street Associates, Inc. - Past President. Home Realty. 1757 Union Street. 2nd Floor. San Francisco, Ca 94123. (415) 345-1100. (415) 345-1717 Fax.

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Nina Geneson Otis — Anti-Eviction Mapping Project

Nina Geneson Otis. Geneson owns and flips real estate in the SF Bay Area and Portland. 3080 Market street, purchased after a foreclosure then listed as a vacation rental on VRBO. 3723-37 17th Street which she used the Ellis Act to evict tenants in 3 units, and then flipped the units as T.I.C.s, making 1.3 million in three years.

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