Rental payment problems caused by COVID-19 …

A failure to pay full rental and operating costs on time constitutes in most cases a breach of the lease, entitling landlords to cancel the lease, claim arrear rentals and sue for damages, being the rental for the balance of the lease. In addition, most leases do not contain a force majeure clause and thus reliance thereon by a tenant is out of

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Conduct rule dispute resolution LexisNexis South Africa

The respondents explained that the rule was adopted with a view to addressing security issues pursuant to an increase in short-term rentals of residential units in the scheme. In 2017, other owners of loft units challenged the ambit and application of the rule by referring a dispute in this regard to the statutory Ombud, as provided for by the

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The impact of COVID 19 on the franchise industry

The disruption caused by the global COVID-19 pandemic will have dire consequences for SMME’s, especially in the franchise sector. Franchisors need to consider measures to enable their franchisees to continue trading as “smoothly” as possible once the lockdown measures have been relaxed, while franchisees need to be compliant with their

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