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Service Partners is a leader in metal building insulation solutions. While metal buildings can be cost-effective structures, they require the right insulation design to remain comfortable, energy efficient and dry. Let Service Partners’ dedicated MBI team co-design the right solution for you.

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Service Partners of Salt Lake City, UT supplies wholesale mineral wool insulation products for a variety of uses. Mineral wool is often called rock wool insulation and is available in batt, board, and blown-in options. Use mineral wool in residential and commercial projects in Salt Lake City for its fire resistance and acoustical performance.

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Insulation and Building Supplies in Oregon Service Partners

Select your local Service Partners branch in Oregon to get the insulation and building supplies you need for your next project. Get a free quote today!

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Closed Cell Spray Foam

Closed cell spray foam insulation is a high-density insulation that provides greater resistance to water vapor than open cell spray foam. Its tiny foam cells are closed and packed tightly together. When filled with gas, the foam rises and expands to become a greater insulator. It is used on roofs or concrete slabs and in wall or attic cavities

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